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As a regenerative farmer who provides the very best for my family and members, I treasure foods that focuses on nutritional qualities such as flavor, smell and vigor.  My online health store delivers the same high-quality right to your door step.   Complementary to fresh local grown produce, these nutrient-rich foods that are the highest quality, easy to use and take on the go.

Indulge your senses with nutritional quality foods and supplments, and feel your energy level rise and spirit lift.  With every purchase you make from my trusted online health store, you are supporting me and my ability to continue to grow soil and nutritional quality foods.

I invite you to shop at my online health store (scroll down) and try these quality products for yourself.  Buy retail, or become a Preferred Customer member and get wholesale pricing and free shipping on reoccurring orders over $100 per month, any combination of products, changeable to whatever you want every month.

Small farms and health service providers have an opportunity to be a part of this cooperative business model that can be duplicated easily and offered to their customers 24/7/365.  Be sure to share this opportunity with someone you know, and I’ll help them setup their online health store just like this one.
Your continued trust and support enables me and my network of regenerative growers and natural health practitioners to share the very best nutritional quality foods with you!

Thank you!

Glen Schultz


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Feed your body nutritional quality foods and supplements and feel your energy level rise and spirits lift.

  • Buy Retail or save money by joining as a Preferred Customer for Wholesale Pricing
  • Preferred Customers are offerd free monthly shipping on reoccuring orders over $100*
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