Bigger than Organic

Nutrition Farm

We are a conscious community of natural health beneficiaries and advocates of nutrition. Fun loving souls of all ages living life with purpose. A place where joy happens, where new and life-long friendships grow and bloom.

We are a cutting-edge farm that uses organic minerals and naturally grown nutrients to develop soils that grow excellent quality produce.



  • Bees, Berries and Honey

The bees pollinate the flowers that grow into fruit and give us honey.  Sweet fully formed, high antioxidants berries are grown on the farm. Raspberries, Strawberries, Gooseberries, and Blackberries that are packed with excellent flavor and all the nutrients the plant can manufacture because they are grown in soils that are microbe and mineral infused.


  • Pastured Eggs

Our Pastured Chickens produce the gold standard of eggs.  Thick hard shells are evidence that they are eating the right amount egg forming minerals, and dark orange yolks that stand tall and hold their shape is another sign of quality. The way they whip up, rising a soufflé, with rich flavor and perfect texture take them over the top.  The pastures chickens are supplemented with organic trace minerals and organic feed that is corn and soy free, plus when the weather is warm they eat green plants, seeds, bugs, and worms.


  • Compost

We divert tons of raw fruits, vegetables and spent beer grains from landfills to a compost pile on the farm that is turned by working pigs routing for treat. This premium finished compost is teaming with microbes to build soil and fertilize crops.  We follow Mother Nature’s blueprint for health, starting with soil and work up the food chain.  Our microbe diverse finished compost will repopulate microorganisms that feed the plants that feed the animals and people.


  • Family

We are a thriving growing community making a difference by being the change we want to see in the world.  A community that shares health, happiness and love.

“Lend your ears, lend your hands, lend your movement, anything you can. Come to teach, come to be taught. come in the likeness and image of God, because you can be like that, with all that humbleness and all that respect…”  Aloha Ke Akua

Join us and share your talents and gifts, and together we make this world a better place one person, one family, one farm and one community at a time.

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